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This highly secret society (oops, I guess the cats out of the bag!) was formed at a family reunion in 2000.  The purpose of the society is three-fold.

First, it was formed for fun.  We believe in getting together with those you care about and having lots of laughs.  Recent research has shown that laughter really is good medicine.  The act of laughing can lower your blood pressure and lessen your stress level.  That sounds like something we could all use.  So the Help the Kelp Society™ encourages you to stop taking yourself so seriously, get out there, have a good time, and laugh it up.

Second, the society was formed to promote those wonderful and enriching kelp-like qualities.  As we have said before, and are sure to say again, if everyone lived like the kelp this world would be a much better place.  We, therefore, encourage you to check out the Kelphead® Creed and start to incorporate some of the kelphead® tenets in your life.

Finally, the society was formed to promote the welfare of kelp.  We do this by encouraging environmental awareness, especially in regards to our precious oceans.  We also support an environmentally responsible use of our kelp forests.  We test all of our products on ourselves, never on kelp or any other living creature.

If you would like to be a part of The Help the Kelp Society™, become an official kelphead® and help us to achieve our goals, just send us an email at helpthekelp@kelphead.com and we will be happy to teach you the secret kelphead® salute and enroll you as an official kelphead.®

Kelphead® Products, LLC is committed to bringing the finest quality 100% natural, handmade body care products and cosmetics to our customers and all who aspire to be kelpheads.  Our products are truly 100% natural and are free from chemical preservatives, colorants or perfumes.   We make our own all natural cosmetics using our own unique formulas and pure, fine quality, natural ingredients with a touch of the sea.  These luxurious natural home spa products include natural moisturizing lotion bars, natural bath and body oils, natural body polishing scrubs, natural bath salts and natural lip moisturizers.  Our product preservatives are 100% natural and are paraben and petrochemical free.  We are cruelty free company and do not do any animal testing.  


As part of our efforts to make this world a more natural and better place in which to live, we donate a portion of the profits from our natural products to charity.  Our charitable contributions focus in three areas: helping children in need, disaster relief, and environmental preservation.

So go out, do what you can to make the world a better place, live like the kelp, and prosper.