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Body Care Products


  Lip Moisturizers

Another extremely popular product, our lip moisturizers are 100% natural, cocoa butter based treatments that promote soft, lush lips. Our customer's love they way they feel so smooth on their lips and the way they make their lips feel so silky soft.  Unlike beeswax based lip balms our lip moisturizer do not feel thick and heavy or sticky on your lips.  Like our Natural Moisturizing Lotion Bars,  our lip moisturizers are designed to melt at body temperature.  You will be amazed at how smooth and silky they feel as they melt and soak into your lips, moisturizing them the natural way.   Filled with the finest natural ingredients sour lip moisturizers are formulated to sooth and moisturize dry, chapped, cracked lips and to keep your lips moisturized and conditioned once they have become more healthy. 

Please be aware that this natural product melts at body temperature, just like our Natural Moisturizing Lotion Bars, so it's better not to carry it around in the pocket of your tight fitting jeans in the summer time or leave it in a hot car.

0.15 oz Tube Sale Price: $3.00

Choose from:

Mint Cocoa Lip Moisturizer

Scented with peppermint and lavender essential oils and the natural chocolaty scent of cocoa butter, it will help perk you up and brighten your day.

Bare Naked Lip Moisturizer

Unscented, just like our Bare Naked Moisturizing Lotion Bars.  Some batches can have a very slight chocolatey smell from the natural cocoa butter ingredients. When present this smell is alway quite mild.


For our complete natural product ingredient lists click here.

Kelphead® Products, LLC is committed to bringing the finest quality 100% natural, handmade body care products and cosmetics to our customers and all who aspire to be kelpheads.  Our products are truly 100% natural and are free from chemical preservatives, colorants or perfumes.   We make our own all natural cosmetics using our own unique formulas and pure, fine quality, natural ingredients with a touch of the sea.  These luxurious natural home spa products include moisturizing lotion bars, bath and body oils, body polishing scrubs, and bath salts.  Our product preservatives are 100% natural and are paraben and petrochemical free.  We are cruelty free company and do not do animal testing.