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Kelphead® Moisturizing Lotion Bars (Not Soap!)

After Dinner Mint Moisturizing Lotion Bar   Bare Naked Moisturizing Lotion Bar   Secret Garden Moisturizing Lotion Bar    

After Dinner Mint

Moisturizing Lotion Bar

Sale Price: $13.00


Bare Naked

Moisturizing Lotion Bar
Sale Price: $13.00


Secret Garden

Moisturizing Lotion Bar
Sale Price: $13.50




 Dry, cracked, calloused feet?  Use our natural lotion bars.  Dry, chapped hands from lots of washing or exposure to cold winter air?  Use our natural lotion bars.  Skin not as soft and smooth as it was when you were younger?  Use our natural lotion bars.  You will be amazed at how these natural lotions will moisturize and soften the dry areas on your skin.  Your skin will feel silky and smooth the natural way.  It's hard to find someone who does not love our 100% natural lotion bars.  They are our most popular products. These are cocoa butter based, solid natural lotions that are designed to melt at body temperature.  This means that they melt when they come in contact with your skin. They are not soap.  Some people have trouble grasping that fact, so we find ourselves repeating it just to make sure you understand.  As a matter of fact, they are not even water soluble.  Our lotion bars are the ultimate natural moisturizer and are the ideal treatment for dry, cracked, chapped skin anywhere on your body.

You can moisturize your hands and feet at the same time by giving yourself a foot massage.  Or better yet, have someone else give you that massage, on your feet or where ever else you would like, these bars work great for massage too.  As you enjoy a relaxing natural treat your skin will be moisturized and that marvelous, wonderful person who agreed to give you the massage will moisturize his or her hands.  These luxurious bars will leave your skin feeling more smooth and silky, not greasy or oily.  As you pamper your body with natural super skin softening and moisturizing cocoa butter, kokum butter, coconut oil, and vitamin e, you will also be pampering your dry, chapped skin.  Kelp and seaweed extracts add minerals and other moisturizing properties to these fabulous bars. 

Also, you don't have to use these bars all the time in order to keep your skin silky, soft and supple.  You can use them any time you want to, of course, but we recommend that people use our natural lotion bars at bedtime.  Just leave the bar on a nice looking dish on your nightstand and before you go to bed rub it on your hands or feet or wherever you like and massage it in (or have someone else do the massaging, see above).  Wait a couple of minutes for the natural moisturizing ingredients to soak in and then go to bed.  It will not be necessary to put on socks or gloves, the lotion will stay on your feet or your hands where it belongs without getting on your sheets. 


If you are having a problem with very dry or chapped skin you may want to use one of our natural lotion bars every night for a while until that area becomes more healthy.  After that you can use the bar every other night or every third night to maintain the health of your skin.  One of our  natural moisturizing lotion bars lasts the average person a year or more.  They can be left exposed to the air for years if you like, but probably won't last that long if you use them like you should.  They will not evaporate or go rancid.  Two cautions though:  Avoid exposure to heat (such as a sunny window sill in the summer time) and keep out of the reach of your small children and dogs.  We have had two clients that had their dogs munch on their bars.  The dogs were not harmed (there are no toxic ingredients), but the natural lotion bars certainly were.

One last note, our natural moisturizing lotion bars are also great for taking along when you have to travel by plane.  Since they are a solid they do not fall under the same restrictions as liquid lotions.  So pop one of our natural lotion bars into your purse or carry on bag, and have a nice trip.