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Policies and Information


Policy on the Use of Ingredients: All of our product ingredients come from natural sources.  We do not and will not use any man-made chemicals in our products.  We also do not use ingredients that are derived from animals.  (No emu-oil here, folks.)  The majority of our ingredients are plant derived (exceptions are such ingredients as beeswax and sea salt).  All our ingredients come from sustainable and renewable resources. 

We will not use any ingredients that are known to us to be potential carcinogens, developmental toxicants, endocrine disrupters, mutagens, neurotoxicants, or reproductive toxicants.  We will continue to monitor our ingredients for new information by regularly reviewing published lists of hazardous substances. If we discover that one of our ingredients is suspected to have a potential health hazard, we will reformulate the products to remove that ingredient and substitute another natural ingredient with similar benefits but no known potential health hazards. 

This ingredient substitution policy does not include ingredients for which some individuals may be allergic or sensitive.  Since there is the potential for individuals to be allergic to ingredients that would be healthy for the general public to use, it is the individuals' responsibility to check the listed ingredients of the product prior to use.  We do not have any hidden ingredients and we only use ingredients that to our knowledge are safe, healthy and beneficial for the majority of people.  Our ingredient lists are available on our web site.

Return Policy: It is our desire at Kelphead Products that all our customer be satisfied with their natural product purchase.  If you are dissatisfied for any reason please contact our customer service at or at the mailing address below and we will do our best to rectify the matter.  Please keep in mind that due to the nature of 100% natural, handmade products, there can be slight variations in color, texture and scent from batch to batch.  Also, please note that during seasonal temperature changes natural products may become thicker or thinner.   

In the case of a shipping error on our part, a defect in a natural product, or product damage during shipping, if a claim is submitted to our customer service department, products will be replaced, or product purchase price and shipping costs will be credited, or refunded.  If a customer makes an address error and an order is returned, the customer is responsible for the additional shipping or address correction fee costs.  Products returned because of customer refusal of shipment will incur a 25% restocking fee plus all shipping charges.

Please be aware that 100% natural products may have shorter shelf lives than those manufactured with chemical lab-made preservatives.  Most of our ingredients have naturally long shelf lives and our natural preservatives also help to prolong the shelf life of your product, but neither of these will prolong it indefinitely.

If your are making a return, please include a copy of your receipt, if available, the date of purchase, and the reason for the return inside the shipping box.

Returns may be mailed to:

Kelphead® Products LLC

PO Box 1450

Sequim, Wa 98382

If you have further inquiries about returns, please contact our Customer Service Department.


Privacy Policy: Kelphead® Products LLC  is concerned about the privacy of its users and is committed to providing a secure environment for all transactions.  Our web site checkout is secure for your protection.

All areas of this site are open to all visitors to read, search and browse at no cost.  Visitors need not register or give any personal identification to use the general areas.  No software or hardware techniques are employed to capture a visitor's email address or browser identity.  We do not use "cookies" to track how our visitors use our site.  The submission of customer verification and contact information is required when placing a natural product order on our secure shopping cart which is provided by PayPal, please check their site for their privacy policy. 

We may use a simple count system that tells us how many visits the site receives in a given period and which pages are the most used, but no identities or information that could identify an individual are gathered by this process.  When visitors choose to provide us with a name, email address or other information in order to purchase natural products or receive email notification of new products, sales literature, etc. we keep all such response lists confidential.  Periodically we do send out promotional information via email or regular mail to those on our mailing list.  We DO NOT sell or give any information provided by our customers or site users to any third party company for any reason.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Delivery Method and Shipping Time:  Our natural product orders are shipped via UPS or US Postal Service.   Shipping and handling costs are displayed before you finalize your order. 

Natural product orders to Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and other US Territories and all international locations can be shipped via US Postal Service via Priority or Surface Insured, upon request.  These orders will incur an additional handling fee of $5 and may take a few additional days before the items are shipped.  All international addresses can be shipped by UPS Express or Standard or Surface and a quote can be provided upon order confirmation.  International customers are responsible for any and all taxes, duties, and GST levied at their end.

The total delivery time for an order is our processing time plus the shipping time.  Most orders are shipped on the next business day, but during high volume periods it may take up to three business days to ship.  During the holiday season of October through December order processing usually takes two to four business days.  Shipping by UPS Ground Service can take from one to six days.

Disclaimer, Cautions and Warnings:  None of the information provided on our web site and with our natural products is meant to be used as a substitute for medical treatment.  Our 100% natural products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Our natural products are NOT intended for ingestion, in other words, the are not meant to be eaten.  None of our ingredients are considered toxic or dangerous and many of them are used in foods that people eat on a regular basis, but these products are not food and they might cause you to have temporary gastronomic or intestinal distress if ingested.  For that reason, these products, and all other body care products, should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.  We had a customer inform us that her dog ate her After Dinner MInt Lotion Bar and suffered no ill effects, but we do not condone or recommend allowing your pets or anyone else to eat our products. 

If you are pregnant or nursing, have heart disease, epilepsy, high blood pressure or diabetes, you should seek the advice of a health professional before using products containing natural essential oils.

When trying a new product it should be skin tested before using.  To skin test, apply a small amount of the product to the skin on your inner arm.  Do not use if irritation occurs.  If this happens, please contact our Customer Service Department to arrange for the refund of your product purchase cost.

All products containing essential oils should avoid contact with your eyes and mucous membranes.  If redness, burning, itching, or irritations occur stop using the product immediately and apply generous amounts of vegetable oil to the area, do not add water.  If this self treatment is not effective consult your medical provider.