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Body Care Products


Natural Sea Bath Salts

Take the time to have a nice soak and relax in the bath with the subtle, natural scents of pure essential oils and extracts.  While you soak, your skin will be softened and your body will bathed in the wonderful natural minerals of Pacific sea salt.  Our bath salts are scented with essential oils and extracts, we do not use perfumes or artificial fragrance oils, so if you want a strong perfume scent in your bath these natural products will not fit that bill.

10 oz Bag $7.00

Choose from:

Lavender Lemonade: With the soothing natural scent of lavender and lemon.

50/50: With the calming and comforting natural scent of sweet orange and vanilla and naturally colored a light yellow-brown by the oils.

For our complete natural product ingredient lists click here.

Kelphead® Products, LLC is committed to bringing the finest quality 100% natural, handmade body care products and cosmetics to our customers and all who aspire to be kelpheads.  Our products are truly 100% natural and are free from chemical preservatives, colorants or perfumes.   We make our own all natural cosmetics using our own unique formulas and pure, fine quality, natural ingredients with a touch of the sea.  These luxurious natural home spa products include moisturizing lotion bars, bath and body oils, body polishing scrubs, and lip moisturizers.  Our product preservatives are 100% natural and are paraben and petrochemical free.   We are cruelty free company and do not do any animal testing.